24 July 2010

Fall 2010 RTW update

It is so good to be back! I feel like I am in sewing and blogger withdrawl..I haven't done much of either lately and Shawn and I have more traveling planned so it may be awhile before I get back into my regular routine. The trip to Edinburgh was wonderful, although I am a bit disappointed that I didn't come away with any vintage finds. There are several great shops around the city, but Shawn's idea of a perfect day does not include digging though rooms filled with racks and stacks of vintage clothing (but he was a good sport scoping them out with me)..guess I'll have to plan another trip with like minded people!

Anyway, I caught up on my fashion reading, and wanted to share something interesting..retro is back on the runway (and we're talking full-on 50's and 60's retro here)! Fall 2010 is all about real, wearable clothing, and you can see it by the huge shift to lower hemlines and heels. No more crotch-skimming, abdomen crushing dresses or sky-high, foot fracturing heels..demure yet elegant, lady-like sensibility is (FINALLY) creeping in. This is probably best reflected in the Louis Vuitton collection, where just about every design has a retro 50's vibe:


Lately Prada has been a bit too crazy for my taste, but this season they have gone back to what even Muiccia Prada calls "normal clothes". I'm definetly seeing 60's influence in this collection:

And don't count out Dolce & Gabbana..amid the hot pants and revealing sheers there are quite a few twin-sets and lengthy skirts:

If you're like me and love sewing these styles but aren't always sure how to rock them without looking "dated" or "frumpy," try making them in interesting prints and colors, or try using mixtures of luxe fabrics (ie wool and silk)..don't be afraid to mix textures, that is part of the fun! As far as accessorizing, I say just do what you like..that's what makes it unique! I personally feel you can't go wrong with a pair of killer heels (not necessarily high, but statement heels that may not always match) and some bold jewellery.
So get to it girls..this is our season to shine (and show why we've always known best)!!
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18 July 2010

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to apologize for my long blogging hiatus - I have been working hard to finish my dress for the York races (which ended up getting cancelled, but that's another story to be told) and then Shawn booked an impromptu trip to Edinburgh for this week, so I have been sewing like crazy..I thought it would be perfect for a me-made holiday Zoe style, but unfortunately I didn't get as much made as I would have liked between work, a horrible bout of hay fever, and a very upsetting overlocking accident (which caused me to scrap the whole dress). It has been a very hectic and frustrating couple of weeks! I'm glad for a little break, but I can't wait to get sewing again! When I return I'll share my projects and hopefully some great vintage finds!

02 July 2010

Vintage Poppies Blouse

I know I was meant to post pictures on Tuesday, but I was mistakenly over-scheduled at work and ended up having to go in (grrrr)..and needless to say that didn't give much blogging time this week! So FINALLY here is my vintage blouse!

It is view A from this vintage Economy Design pattern:

The tie on the front is actually similar to a man's bow tie because it is simply tied around the neck, and the pieces that make up the "tails" are top-stitched on to the front opening. The pattern of this fabric makes it hard to see so here are some close-ups:

Overall this is a really simple blouse to make and could be done in a day or two. Although construction itself was simple, the directions were pretty basic and there were very few illustrations..I'm guessing this is why it's called an "economy" design. As shown in a previous post I altered the pattern from a 32, but it was still a bit snug so next time I will be a bit more generous with the fit. The pattern calls for armhole facings, but because this fabric is cream with dark flowers I decided to do a pin hem on the sleeve edges to avoid them showing though (and I think I like it better to be honest).
I really like this design but I'm not fond of how the bow detailing gets a little lost with patterned fabric. Next time I think I may use a contrasting color to make it stand out.
I've got an extra long weekend ahead so I'm hoping to get a few more patterns done..hope everyone has a great weekend, I'm off to get started!