28 April 2010

A Lovely Suprise

We are having some unusually warm and sunny weather so I figured it would do me good to get some vitamin D (because it is so rare in North Yorkshire!)..trying to figure out what to do I popped into the garage to change the laundry and there it was..the antique Singer Shawn bought me at an auction last year! I had forgotten all about it and it broke my heart seeing it dirty and sitting next to the lawnmower (I know, I know! Cue head shaking and tsk -tsking). Horrified, I immediately made an attempt to relieve my conscious by taking it outside to clean up. After a major wipe down and 2 coats of Pledge on the cover and base it looks absolutely stunning!!

The detailing is so beautiful..not bad for £30 (about $47)! Everything seems to be in working order but I am having the repair man come pick it up tomorrow to be serviced. I can't wait to get it back and hopefully use it!


  1. what machine do you normally sew on? I'm in love with old machines myself and have a couple of old Singers, although not that old.

  2. I use a Janome Memory Craft 4900QC..it's got tons of bells and whistles that I hardly use but has proven to be very reliable, I love it! As for this old Singer I haven't used it yet..it is a lot like industrial machines but the old bobbins that they use are confusing, and it did not come with instructions so I have to find time to tinker with it.