11 May 2010

Is it destiny?

I'm so chuffed that I found these patterns today!

This morning I decided to go through my fabric stash and figure out what I am going to do with some of my scraps and uncut pieces. Everytime I come across this, my mind wanders with delight:
It's a heavyweight home furnishings cotton that I think would look great as a 50's coat dress..the only problem is I only have just under 3 yards and it is 54" wide, which isn't enough for most patterns. After a frustrating search on eBay and Etsy I couldn't find anything that I liked with my fabric restrictions or that was in my price range, so I put it away having no idea what to do with it. Later I went out to run some errands and because it started SNOWING (WTH isn't this May??!) and I only had a cardigan on I decided to wait it out in a nearby vintage/retro shop. After poking around for awhile I found these beauties hiding in a little basket (and £2 each is definitely in my budget)! Although the coat dress looks more 60's it is the closest to what I want and meets my requirements..I think it will be stunning in this fabric! (The Blackmore dress I got for fun because I liked it). My measurements were conservative so I may just have enough fabric..but I will have to wait until I finish my Pauline Trigère dress.


  1. Oooh, what a score! That fabric is to die for. An amazing coat is on the horizon I feel! Oh, and it is most definately NOT too late to join Stash Bustin'! If you've got a stash to bust, then get to it! x

  2. I;m amazed at all the wonderful fabrics you have found. I am having fun just imagining you poking around in shops over there!