24 June 2010

Eye Candy

I didn't have any great vintage pattern finds this week, but I did come across this fun champagne brooch!

I bought it from a vintage store but I don't think it is "vintage" in the true sense..the finish and diamonte on it appears too new, so I'm guessing it is a modern retro piece. I'm not bothered though because I absolutely love it and think it will look great on a 50's evening jacket!

I quite like the idea of brooches..do any of you wear/collect them?

1 comment:

  1. That is cute! I might have some old brooches that belonged to Grandma Ruth or her mother, your great-grandmother Essie. I know I do have an old stick pin of Essie's that you might like to have. It is gold with a nude woman's figure on it. Just checked--have several of Essie's brooches. May just be costume jewelry, but you might like them.