02 June 2010

Jumpsuits and Playsuits..Hit or Miss?

I'm just wondering if anyone out there has gotten into the jumpsuit/playsuit trend that has emerged? Now I'm seeing them everywhere in stores (namely playsuits thanks to Topshop) and they seem to be popular with the young & and trendy English crowd (Although I love fashion, I don't consider myself trendy).

Topshop playsuit

Jumpauits were the rage in the 70's and were also known as flying suits, catsuits, or rompersuits. Check out this vintage Butterick pattern!

They appeared again on the runways in 2008 but have continued to stay in fashion, and have filtered down the fashion pyramid to the masses. Most of the major pattern companies even offer jumpsuits and playsuits (check out Simplicity and Burda).

Chanel Resort 2008

Stella McCartney Pre-Fall 2010

Elie Tahari Fall 2010 RTW

Burda Style magazine May 2010

I admit that many designer styles are actually quite nice ( I LUUUUV the Eli Tahari design), but does anyone in the real world actually wear these? And do they suit any other body shape besides tall, thin, and waspy? Personally I haven't tried the look..although I have a narrow waist and hips I am only 5'3", and typically I cannot pull off wide leg, capri, or johdpur styles - they make me look short and dumpy. How popular are they where you live, and what do you think about them? Do you/would you wear one? Would you wear it/sew it if it was vintage?


  1. I haven't seen them on the streets yet where I live. But I have to say I kind of like some of the versions I have seen online. And, like you, I love the Eli Tahari design. GOrgeous!

    I'm not sure if I would make and wear a jumpsuit. I feel sort of drawn to them and the fact that I have seen tons of pictures of my mother, in her twenties/thirties, wearing jumpsuits (some of those she made herself too) adds to the charm to me, I think. She did look fabulous in them, I have to add.

    So we'll see. But I have time, still. I'm always slow in adapting new fashion items. Most of the times I start liking them when they are already OUT of fashion, so I guess I have a couple of months/years to get adjusted again this time ;-)

  2. The short, halter, playsuit variety is surprisingly popular around AZ, probably because they are so simple to throw over a swimsuit. I never thought full out jumpsuits would be popular, but if you've seen the new Lady Gaga sneak peak, she's wearing a very 70s-esque black bell bottom jumpsuit. $10 says they're all the rage next fall.

  3. i think they are cute, but can be hard to wear. Note the black jumpsuit has a ruffle to help distract from the always high waist. How funny that jana said that, i have a bell bottom jump suit that i sewed from a duff McCall's pattern. i morphed on a knit pants pattern. however because i sewed it in a tropical knit, i only wear it indoors.

  4. Over here in ye olde conservative New England-not that I mind, mind you-I've seen about two people wearing them and they fall into the tall/thin category. That said, I personally really like the 40s and 50s playsuits. You generally have to go for a true retro look with them, but they can be very flattering as long as they fit properly. I'm finishing one that double as a bathing suit with short pantaloon legs and a high waist with bustier shaped bodice and it hides all my figure flaws (dumpy tummy, slightly thick waist, yadda yadda).