03 June 2010

I Need Your Help!!

Here's the situation:

It's my friend Elizabeth's birthday in July and she has decided to celebrate at York Racecouse..so fab! This means I need a great ensemble that is fashionable,classic, and not OTT..but I can't decide what I want to make! I do know that I want a slim silhouette because I want a mid to large size head piece. (And it may be a good idea to have a wrap or bolero in case it is a cool day). I need to get started soon because not only is it fast approaching, but I will have to commission a milliner for my matching headwear.

My original idea, Butterick 5032 (view with cummerbund sash):

Then I remembered this pattern I got with a magazine, and was actually planning on wearing it to Ladies Day at Royal Ascot (the bolero w/bow is removable and the dress is a simple strapless):

And then there's this vintage Simplicity (look 2 - not so sure about the flaps though):

And this one! (look 1):

Or maybe I should just go posh modern, like Vogue 1182..I could see this with a big hat!

I have my heart set on doing a vintage style, but nothing feels right at the moment..so I need your feedback! What do you think of these, and any fabric suggestions? Know any patterns you would recommend? I'm open to anything!


  1. My vote is Butterick 5032 because I've made it and I LOVE IT.
    It wasnt hard to make and the result is a great dress. I'd love to try it in a stretch black satin!
    Having said that, I also have the Vogue 1182 and it looks to be a great sillhouette as well.
    Decisions, decisions.

  2. I love Simplicity 4760! The lines of the dress are beautiful. Maybe in a linen to keep you cool and allow you to wear it again? Go crazy with your accessories, though!

  3. I think Vogue 118 and vintage Simplicity (look 1) definitely up the glam factor which is perfect for the venue. Add a matching dramatic hair fascinator to the outfit and we are all set!

  4. I normally always go for the vintage patterns in things like this, but this time I say go for Vogue 1182. It's glam, good for a warm day and would work well with a head piece.

  5. my comment was to be the exact as Nancy. I almost always vote for the vintage... but this Vogue 1182 looks perfect. I'm putting it on my pattern wish list too now!

  6. You can't go wrong...I'd through them all up in the air and see which ones land face up :)